I’m Felix von Pless, graphic designer and illustrator from Düsseldorf, currently living/working in Hamburg, Germany.


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Got some nice Foursquare swag on Foursquare Day. Yay! (at Fuxschanze)

Late Facetime with Winterthur

Cabriolet lunch break. Bonjour, Hamburg!

Don’t worry. Everything is going to be amazing.

Almost ready. Are you ready?

Sasa & der Bootsmann (at Gängeviertel)

Obst ist da. Die Pänz spielen Räder bereit! Sonne satt Kleine Besucher Osterboten Sonnenuntergang ohne Kraniche

Familien-Frühlingswochenende in Sterley

Creative Review interviews Annie Atkins, the designer responsible for all the graphic elements in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Here’s how she got the job:

I’d been drawing some graphics for Laika’s new animated feature The Boxtrolls (due out in September), and a designer at the studio had recommended me to Wes (Nelson Lowry, who had designed [The Fantastic] Mr Fox). He’d tried to give me some warning, I think, by emailing me with the line “Something wicked your way comes…” but to be honest I had no idea what he’d meant, or exactly how wicked it was going to be!

at Außenalster

Caleb Slain spent 200 hours editing highlights from nearly 50 of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s screen performances into this 20-minute tribute to the late actor. I just watched it again, and not for the last time. From the accompanying description:

Compiling his legacy has been one of the most challenging experiences I’ve ever faced as an editor, and yet indescribably rewarding. I can assure you that after 22 years on screen and nearly fifty films, we now look at the work of an actor who never had a single dishonest moment on camera. I know because I’ve seen them all. Please take a breather and raise your glasses to one of our greatest.

If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.

Don Draper

at Außenalster

Funny: I remember layouting ads for this brand in 2005, as an intern. Never wanted to go back.

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