I’m Felix von Pless, graphic designer and illustrator from Düsseldorf, currently living/working in Hamburg, Germany.


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Widely regarded as an eccentric bureaucrat, Kent ‘Battle’ Martin approves essentially every beer label in the United States, giving him awesome power over a huge industry.

Wochenende. Frise neu. Glück.


Oh captain, my captain!
I thought you’d never rest —
but now you rest in peace
as one of our best.


Sunday summer breeze

When there’s no time for a present, a voucher is also okay.

Happy weekend! ☀️

Endlich am Ziel! Die Mannschaft Der Moment der Wahrheit Die Krönung einer Ära Empfang in Berlin

Deutschland ist Fußball-Weltmeister 2014
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Saturday with friends and sun

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